Notice: We do not have any official authorized organization and organize any official WeChat group. If some fraudsters may pose themselves as employees of Solomon to engage in any investment activities, be vigilant to avoid being deceived.


Recently, criminals have appeared in the society and on the Internet in the name of Solomon JFZ (Asia) Holdings Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Solomon Securities") to carry out fraudulent activities. Now Solomon Securities solemnly declares as follows:


1. Solomon Securities is a licensed corporation (central number: BIF175) recognized by the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong and a participant of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. It holds a Type 1/4/6/9 regulated activity license and strictly follows the "Securities and Futures Regulations to provide customers with safe and reliable securities trading services. "HY PRO" is an application software operated by Solomon Securities.


2. A few lawbreakers used the name of Solomon Securities to defraud, and their real intention was to use the trust of netizens and customers in Solomon Securities to achieve the purpose of illegally defrauding money. Forms include but are not limited to:


(1) Imitate Solomon Securities function variable names, fake Solomon Securities web pages or application software


(2) Fake Solomon Securities staff call to harass customers


(3) Fake Solomon Securities staff to invite customers to join the exchange group for operations such as stock recommendation, capital allocation, and trading on behalf of customers


(4) Use the so-called "original stock" or "option investment" project to induce account opening


(5) In the name of inviting customers to open accounts and make deposits in Solomon, request customers to remit money to the third party's personal account or company account


3. It is hereby specially declared that Solomon Securities’ unified outbound call numbers are as follows:



Hong Kong: +852 2115 9486


China: +86 400 1200 390


Solomon Securities will not use other numbers to contact customers, nor will it organize investment consulting activities and give investment advice through any instant messaging software such as personal WeChat, WhatsApp, and Telegram. The official website of Hyzq Securities is https://www.hyzq.com.hk. Netizens and customers are invited to download the Solomon application software "HY PRO" through our official website or official app store.


4. Solomon Securities will not accept account opening applications through third-party vendors. I would like to remind and appeal to all netizens and customers to submit account opening applications in accordance with the official account opening guidelines. Do not trust or submit any account opening applications through any third-party intermediaries that are unknown or claim to be appointed by Solomon Securities or its group companies.


5. Solomon Securities hereby reminds and appeals to netizens and customers to correctly identify the above-mentioned fraudulent acts and avoid being deceived. If you have any questions, please call the customer service hotline (+86 400 1200 390 or +852 2115 9486) or consult Solomon Securities customer service online through the official website of Solomon Securities. If you find any of the above-mentioned fraudulent behaviors, you can report the harassing phone calls to the "12321 Internet Bad and Spam Information Report Acceptance Center" in Mainland China, or the ""Anti-Fraud Easy 18222" Anti-Fraud Consulting Line" in Hong Kong. You are also welcome to report to us And actively provide effective clues.


6. Solomon Securities thanks all users for their long-term support and trust in us, and we firmly and severely condemn all kinds of fraudulent activities. We will severely crack down on every fraudulent behavior we discover and will not tolerate it. For relevant institutions and individuals who counterfeit Solomon Securities, once verified, they will be held legally accountable.


7. The content of all terminal products of Solomon Securities is for reference only. If investors operate according to this, they shall bear their own risks, and Solomon Securities shall not bear any responsibility.



Solomon Securities

October 2022