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Account Opening Process (Macau Clients)

1. Account Registration

(1.1After download the App, through "My" - "Login/Register"

(1.2Fill in the mobile phone number

(1.3Click "Get verification code"

(1.4Fill in the verification code

(1.5Click "Login/Register"

(1.6)Click "Submit" to complete the registration

2. Select Account Opening Documents

(2.1) After registering an account with a mobile phone number, click on "Open Account"

(2.2) Select the account opening documents, please read them carefully and check the box to agree to sign all the Account Opening Documents

(2.3) Prepare the required account opening documents

3. Upload the Front and Back of the ID Certificate

If your identification is not a Macau Permanent Resident Identity Card, additional documentation will be required.

4. Fill in your Personal Information and Employment Status


5. Fill in the Financial Information and Investment Experience

6. Fill in the Tax Residency

7. Select to open an Account


8. View the Risk Disclosures Information

9. Confirm Information and Sign

Check the information you have filled in. If there is any error, you can click "Back" to modify the corresponding part of the information. After confirming the error, please complete the electronic signature.

10. Perform Identity Authentication and Link an HK Bank Account

At this time, you have already submitted the submitted information, and you still need to initiate an online transfer to complete the account opening.

11. Upload Deposits Proof after verifying Transfer Information


12. Submit the Account Opening Application

After the transfer and notification, the account opening application is completed. You can also check the progress of the account opening here at any time. We will review the application within 1~2 working days. If you need to modify, supplement the information or successfully open an account, you will receive system email notifications, so please pay attention.


Account Opening Process (Macau Clients)


Except for public holidays and the market closure due to bad weather, the Hong Kong stock market generally trades from Monday to Friday. The trading hours are as follows:

1. Pre-open Period

Time period

Trading Rules

Enter order 9:00-9:15

Submit, modify, and cancel auction market orders and auction limit orders

Non-cancellable 9:15-9:20

Only at-auction market orders and at-auction limit orders can be submitted, and orders cannot be withdrawn or modified

Random match period 9:20-9:22 (match will start randomly at 9:20-9:22 at the final reference equilibrium price)

Conduct matchmaking during auction period

Pause period, from random match period ends to 9:30

At-auction order: Incomplete order will be cancelled by the system; At-auction limit order: If the input price range of an incomplete order does not deviate from the nominal price by nine times or more, it will be converted to a limit order and automatically transferred to the continuous trading session


2. Continuous Trading Hours

Time period

Beijing Time

Morning market


Closed at noon


Afternoon market


Note: Order modification is not allowed during the closed at noon, and cancellation is allowed during 12:30 - 13:00.


3. Closing Auction Trading Session

Time period

Trading Rules

Closing auction period 16:00-16:01      

Calculate and publish reference price; orders cannot be submitted

Enter order 16:01-16:06

You can submit, modify, and cancel at-auction market orders and auction limit orders. The price limit of auction limit orders shall not exceed ±5% of the reference price

Non-cancellable 16:06-16:08

At-auction market orders and at-auction limit orders can be submitted, and cannot be cancelled or changed; the input price of at-auction limit orders must be between the lowest selling price and the highest bidding price

Random closing 16:08-16:10

At random closing time, at-auction market orders and at-auction limit orders can still be submitted, and cannot be cancelled or changed; the input price of auction limit orders must be between the lowest selling price and the highest bidding price