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Professional Investor (PI) Guidelines


1. What is a professional investor (PI)?


According to the Securities and Futures Ordinance, there are 3 categories of professional investors, namely:

  • Institutional Professional Investor
  • Corporate Professional Investor
  • Individual Professional Investor


Institutional Professional Investors refer to

  • Persons falling under paragraphs (a) to (i) of the definition of “professional investor” in section 1 of Part 1 of Schedule 1 to the Securities and Futures Ordinance
  • Such as recognized exchanges, recognized clearing houses, intermediaries, recognized financial institutions, authorized insurers, recognized collective investment schemes, mandatory provident fund schemes, occupational retirement schemes, governments, etc.


Corporate Professional Investors refer to

  • Trust corporations, corporations, or partnerships falling under sections 4, 6, or 7 of the Securities and Futures (Professional Investor) Rules.


Individual Professional Investors refer to

  • Individuals falling under section 5 of the Securities and Futures (Professional Investor) Rules.


2.What documents are required for PI Verification?


Proof of assets

  • Include

Cash, bank deposits, stocks, funds, bonds, asset management plans, trust plans, cash portion of futures accounts

  • Not include

Real estate certificates, futures, private company stocks, MPF, ORSO, insurance contracts (policy).


Institutional professional investors are not required to submit proof of assets


Corporate professional investor

  • A trust corporation must have total assets of at least HKD 40 million (or its foreign currency equivalent);
  • A corporation or partnership must have a portfolio of at least HKD 8 million (or its foreign currency equivalent)), or total assets of at least HKD 40 million (or its foreign currency equivalent).

Individual professional investor

  • A portfolio of at least HKD 8 million (or its foreign currency equivalent)


When there is more than one account owner

  • If the client's assets are proven to be in a joint account without additional proof, the calculation will be done on a pro-rata basis, e.g. 50% for a joint account with 2 persons.
  • The associates of the joint account must be parents, spouse, and children (proof required).


Type of certificate documents

  • Bank statement / securities statement / trust certificate / proof of assets


Certificate must contain

  • Issuing organization, and your name
  • Total assets of at least HKD 8 million or its foreign currency equivalent (currency needs to be specified).


Certificate validity

  1. Date of issue within one year
  2. If multiple certificates are submitted, all certificates must have a date difference of 1 month or less.
  3. Issuer
  • A statement of account or a certificate issued by a custodian;
  • A certificate issued by an auditor or a certificated public accountant;
  • A public filing submitted by or on behalf of the trust corporation (whether on its own behalf or in respect of a trust of which it acts as a trustee), corporation, or partnership.


3. PI Accreditation Portal

Please go to HY Pro App - “Me” - “PI” for accreditation.


4. Risk Disclosure Regarding Professional Investor


Before you are accredited as an individual professional investor, you need to clearly understand the risks and consequences, especially concerning the exemption of Solomon from certain requirements of relevant regulations, including but not limited to the following obligations.


1. Upon successful application to become a professional investor, Solomon Securities can provide you with more investment products. However, such investment products may not be recognized and regulated by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission, and therefore your investment in such products may carry certain risks. You are advised to seek professional advice from an independent third party before applying.


2. Upon becoming a professional investor, you acknowledge that Solomon Securities is exempt from the following obligation to

(a) provide information regarding the identity and employment status of employees of Solomon Securities and other persons acting on behalf of Solomon Securities.

(b) confirm with you the key points of the transaction.

(c) provide you with the data files prescribed by the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited regarding the Nasdaq-Amex Pilot Program.

(d) provide you with any contract notes, statements of account, or receipts as required by the “Securities and Futures (Contract Notes, Statements of Account and Receipt) Rules”. Please note that it is not the case that Solomon Securities will cease to perform these obligations to you, but Solomon Securities has the right to be exempt from such obligations.


3. If you find that you no longer qualify as a professional investor, you must inform Solomon Securities immediately. You also have the right to cancel your professional investor status at any time by informing Solomon Securities.



Professional Investor (PI) Guidelines


Except for public holidays and the market closure due to bad weather, the Hong Kong stock market generally trades from Monday to Friday. The trading hours are as follows:

1. Pre-open Period

Time period

Trading Rules

Enter order 9:00-9:15

Submit, modify, and cancel auction market orders and auction limit orders

Non-cancellable 9:15-9:20

Only at-auction market orders and at-auction limit orders can be submitted, and orders cannot be withdrawn or modified

Random match period 9:20-9:22 (match will start randomly at 9:20-9:22 at the final reference equilibrium price)

Conduct matchmaking during auction period

Pause period, from random match period ends to 9:30

At-auction order: Incomplete order will be cancelled by the system; At-auction limit order: If the input price range of an incomplete order does not deviate from the nominal price by nine times or more, it will be converted to a limit order and automatically transferred to the continuous trading session


2. Continuous Trading Hours

Time period

Beijing Time

Morning market


Closed at noon


Afternoon market


Note: Order modification is not allowed during the closed at noon, and cancellation is allowed during 12:30 - 13:00.


3. Closing Auction Trading Session

Time period

Trading Rules

Closing auction period 16:00-16:01      

Calculate and publish reference price; orders cannot be submitted

Enter order 16:01-16:06

You can submit, modify, and cancel at-auction market orders and auction limit orders. The price limit of auction limit orders shall not exceed ±5% of the reference price

Non-cancellable 16:06-16:08

At-auction market orders and at-auction limit orders can be submitted, and cannot be cancelled or changed; the input price of at-auction limit orders must be between the lowest selling price and the highest bidding price

Random closing 16:08-16:10

At random closing time, at-auction market orders and at-auction limit orders can still be submitted, and cannot be cancelled or changed; the input price of auction limit orders must be between the lowest selling price and the highest bidding price